Thursday, August 27, 2009

1705. The patent in titled "Ice Cube Tongs", but they could also be used for any other similar sized objects, patent number 1,967,731:

Submitted by Marcy

1706. A rocker assembly for a lawn glider:

1707. This was marked "fireplace game bird roaster", although according to an expert on these, roasters typically had spikes that curved up so the meat would not fall off, and toasters were usually made with shorter and straighter spikes than the roasters.

1708. A Genesis Rescue Systems spreader, commonly called jaws of life, used to help remove people from car accidents:

Larger image

1709. A sailor's palm, used to force a needle through several thicknesses of sailcloth:

1710. This ruler was used to measure liquid in a bulk tank, it came with a chart that would tell how many gallons corresponded to each increment:

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